Book Review: Everything Started as Nothing by Bhaskar Majumdar

This is a great book on startup ecosystem – immensely full of wisdom about business growth engine and how to scale up a startup. Right from funding to hiring to managing business without losing calm, I think the book delivers all what is needed in today’s startup pond. This book is written by Bhaskar Majumdar, an influential personality as a serial investor and entrepreneur. He has been an expert investor for startups for many years and currently he is the founder and managing partner at Unicorn India Ventures, also a seasoned media & technology executive and entrepreneur.

As I read the book in my time, I got all the underlying secrets and mechanism of starting a startup in India. Bhaskar’s prime coverage on funding is simply the great aspect of the book, because startups cannot survive without proper funding, be it angel or VC. Next, he introduces many successful tech and non-tech startup entrepreneurs to us for hot and live feed of wisdom. I keep finding wording and experience of some of the well-know entrepreneurs from companies like Big Basket, Flipkart, Housing dot Com, Eggoz, Red Bus, and many more. Reading about others experiences always fascinated me – especially success stories.

Bhaskar’s captivating style and lucid language makes this book a sort of hand guide, so that one can use it anytime. Not only this there are many startup success and failure and blunder stories for each situation that eventually I run out of memory to keep track of all…but finally it is something fruitful read. I am sure no one can share information on startups like he did. All startup guys in India must pick up this book for better results. By all standards, the book truly teaches “How to Win the Start-up Battle.”

Buy your copy from Amazon.

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