Book Review: A Higher Conversation by Neil David Chan

Ever since the corona pandemic hit the world, my spiritual sense has been uplifted. Earlier I was not paying any substantial attention to spiritual aspect that is associated with our life. So, as someone finding meaning to my existence, I picked up ‘A Higher Conversation’ by Neil David Chan. It is a non-fictional spiritual book. But I found this book more inclined towards humanity and its allied compassion.

In this book, the author presents his journey of becoming a Highly Evolved Being (HEB). The author takes up a conversation with his soul. Often people speak to themselves, but they might be talking to their heart or mind or someone imagined person but talking to soul is kind of unheard. The book insists that we human beings just believe in mind and body in the Euclidean way, as we are conditioned that way. We don’t know that soul also exists. We tend to ignore it. Body is physical but mind and soul are metaphysical. However, we ignore the idea of metaphysical one and excessively use body and mind in the physical form. If you read the book, you will get what I mean to say in a deeper way.

The book is about three aspects – body, mind, and soul. The author brings a gamut of topics and explains them taking this trio. The book lays emphasis on understanding the value and place of soul in solving most of our problems in life. The book starts after a heartfelt introduction about our life and existence. As I read and moves ahead, I found that the author tries to tackle globe’s befuddling situations like racism, prejudice, separation at a wider level with respect to many things, villain and victim cycle.

Overall, the book is different in spirituality and I would urge all to read it slowly or read it twice to get under its skin for complete coverage. You can be a better human being by reading this book and grasping its full content. Indeed the book promotes peace and teaches us to be a complete human that is neither shallow nor void. Neil’s explanation to value the form of life is at par with his writing skills. His narration at both places is not only captivating but also superb. He writes with his heart out and conveys the message with sheer profundity. He is a readable writer with some amazing content in the spiritual genre. I conclude this review by giving 4.5 out of 5.

If you loved this reviews and curious enough for the book, well you can buy your copy from Amazon Kindle.

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