Book Review: Productivity Promoter by Dax Bamania

I have worked with many organizations in different capacities for over 10 years. I have noticed that people, management, leaders, and project managers – all remain obsessed about productivity. The growth and revenue of any business are dependent on their employees’ productivity. The more they hammer, the more is company’s benefit. But productivity is not any random entity which can be built overnight. It is needs a proper channelization.

Also I found according to my experience, every company followed some protocols and strategies to follow up with the pace of the productivity. At some places it was cool and good at implementation, while at many places it was another name for chaos. So, with reference to that time, now I remember the value of books like ‘Productivity Promoter’ by Dax Bamania. Had they came across any such books, it could have saved their time. A stitch in time saves nine.

I read this book in two days with proper note making. Around 118 pages, with 8 chapters that all start with P letter, such as precise purpose, patience, persistence and so on, it makes up for much of the content that the world is looking out. The objective of the book is to enhance productivity globally. And it seems that it has achieved that in its pure limelight. I liked various tips and case studies the book presents like 5 s of business journey, and right mind to strategy, to 4 PoP, etc. My personal favourite chapter in the book is about Patience. I read it twice to grasp all the contents.  I also liked quotes given in between by famous personalities. Dax leveraged a lot from famous figures of the world. The book is not only useful but also inspiring and motivational in its nature.

Overall, a pleasant management sort of read. The book is for all from individual blogger to tech startups to manufacturing units. The book is forwarded by many leading personalities including the CM of Gujarat.

Dax Bamania is a seasoned entrepreneur; he also heads a consulting firm that prepares leaders for tomorrow. The book is full of take-aways. I cannot give all in one review, so I better urge you to read this book and keep it safe for timely reference. Other than its genre, it is a great reference book too. Such books should be released from time to time to update people on productivity-related concepts and ideologies. A must have book for all office libraries across the globe.

You can grab your copies from Amazon.

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