Book Review: Orange City by Lee Matthew Goldberg

So I got my ARC for another dystopian novel. I sigh in appreciation for the people who put a tremendous show in dystopian novels and movies, especially against the backdrop of the USA. Yeah… Orange City by Lee Matthew Goldberg is a dystopian novel. First off, I was intrigued by the cover page. I couldn’t understand much in the beginning, as I got under the skin of novel – it began making some sense. Even the blurb on the back cover is as riveting as the inside story.

Such novels aren’t released now and then. They are released once in a blue moon and when I was done reading first 20 pages, I got the hunch that it is going to be a successful and hit novel. I hope so, as it is yet to be released.

Talking about the story, it is about Graham, E, and The Man. I think not all people get second chance in life. However, Graham gets one. He goes to a queer city in the USA. That city is different; it is ruled by a figure called ‘The Man’. Who is he? He is an enigma in itself. In the city, past doesn’t matter. The city is unusual. For everything, there are colours. Thus, the title is Orange City. The Man – antagonist – is extremely tall with having unusual looks. He scared me every time I confront him.

Since the book is yet to be released, I cannot lose the plot of the book. However, I would like to shed light on the mystery part. At every page, almost, the novel is full of thrill and mysteries unfurling at their own pace. As a reader, you might develop feelings for some characters, as brutality is going to provoke you to an extent of inconsolable. Other than the main characters, other auxiliary characters did shine. This novel is not only dystopian but also dark. I enjoyed the book but I felt, at some corner of my heart, that the ending could have been better. It was a bit rushed.   

All in all, the novel is impressive and it might come back via Netflix or Amazon Prime…fingers crossed. All is well past 50 pages. I would rate this book 4.5/5.

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