Book Review: Getting Over It by Prabadip Ghai

Getting Over It by Prabadip Ghai is a wonderful book that teaches its readers as how to gain stability in professional life. It really touches upon many aspects that look hidden or unimportant commonly but they make the difference in longer run.

The focus of the book is to make readers acquainted with various tips and hacks that can keep them abreast in job hunt during the uncertain times like Covid 19 pandemic. Due to this pandemic, people are suffering heavily in jobs and businesses.

This book is divided into 2 segments, Plan A and Plan B. Plan A focuses on how to get a job with proper skills and methods. While the Plan B introduces many ways through which people can work out to have more source of income, for example, the author talked about online opportunities like blogging, digital marketing, and YouTube, and data entry.

While reading the book, I felt as I am growing by breaking the shackles that my mind has set on me so far. Even I had tough time during this Covid – I lost job and I was reluctant to start a business of my own. Well, when I did, it truly proved like a different route for me. Indeed in professional career when one road ends, the other opens up unexpectedly.

From the back blurb to preface and tagline, everything is self-explanatory about this book. I have performed many things told in the Plan A but reading them once again reinstated a faith in my heart. It is a lovely yet very humble book; each chapter has some or other thing to offer to its readers.

I sighed in appreciation for the author’s knowledge about professional ups and downs. I recommend this book to all the people in the world who have been affected socially and economically by the Corona pandemic. Excellent coverage on everything! Just 57 pages, I breezed through it.

You can get your copies from Amazon/Kindle.

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