Book Review: Rage of the Immortals by Kanika

Rage of the Immortals by Kanika is a different-level fantasy thriller, where every character and setting is a product of sheer imagination. Among all types of fantasy novels, at the first opportunity my heart goes for thrillers! I am into too much reading of fantasy thrillers just because of one reason: it gives another-world feeling.

Kanika’s fantasy thriller ‘Rage of the Immortals’ is about war between two worlds ruled by demons and magical people, existence of humans is negligible, yet the character like Kara plays a vital role in their wars. The novel is packed with many characters and promises action and thrill till the very last page.

The way the author leveraged simple language with short chapters is worth praising and it makes the novel fast-paced. If one loves transportation to other time and worlds, war of demons and werewolves, dark influences, the working of magic, vivid characters, well then this novel is a must pick.

As soon as I got introduced with the team of Cifer, I grew excited about the story and wanted to finish it as soon as possible.  Among all characters, Kara was my favourite and of course she gained my sympathy. Overall, the novel is way good for its genre and it is full of subplots that inevitably present unexpected twists and turns.

In fact, be it a main or auxiliary characters, they do not forget to amuse you. Die-hard fans of fantasy thrillers may get a feel of watching any good Hollywood movie based on similar themes.

I took time to read the novel but it was worth my time and money on Kindle. Kanika has stitched a perfect sort of fantasy thrillers with so many intriguing and complex set of characters. Everything sets well in the realm of this novel. The readers may go excited at times but they need to suppress their pulse and finish the book with patience to get the most out of it. 

Final verdict: An amazing fantasy thriller. I would rate it as 4.6 out of 5.

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