Book Review: Embrace Magnificence by Mohamed Abdulla

Embrace Magnificence by Mohamed Abdulla is an impressive book about many concepts that we often tend to ignore in our day-to-day life. The book profoundly seeks the powers and magnificence of our creator. It is that Almighty who has created everything in ideal size and shape with perfect environment to support us.

So, one by one, the book introduces us to that magic that supports the life on the earth. The book is a short read with 74 pages on Kindle; however, its scope is immensely wide. Right at the start of the book, the author asserts the reason for writing this book. He happens to meet one of his friends who return from the Covid quarantine centre. The year 2020 was drastically tragic for every one due to pandemic. His meeting with that friend made him realized the magical magnificence of the creator. Thus, that meeting motivated the author to pen down this book so that whosever reads it can thank the Almighty and his perfect creation.

There are five chapters and every chapter has some sub topics that shed light on various types of insights that I am sure remain hidden from the commoners. The purpose of the book is to bring forward hidden yet magnificent knowledge to the people of world so that they can feel gratitude for their lives.

 In the first chapter, the author touched upon the cosmic gift i.e. Big Bang theory, vastness of universe, space and matter in the universe, etc. In the same chapter, there is also discussion on our home called Earth. Why Big Bang was so perfect that our universe was created and why all elements that support life on earth are in perfect sync and harmony to each other. For this harmony and perfection, there are reasons and logic. So, never doubt the creation of the Almighty. He created everything in complete wholeness and in a state of equilibrium.

Likewise, as I moved deeper in the book, I came across all the important concepts and their rationale placement to support universe, earth, and human mind and body. The more I say, is less about the book. This book does not challenge the basic human questions about reality, existence of God or human, rather it fosters the faith and believe in the Almighty by counting its myriad blessings that showered upon us from the dawn of time.

From space, time, and matter to colorfulness to bacteria to sleep pattern to types of brains – the book leaves no stone unturned. The most crucial aspect of the book is its engaging nature. The book is highly likeable and readable. At times, a book comes that is so powerful yet beautiful that readers cannot loathe it even if it has some irregularities and pitfalls.

Mohamed Abdulla simply shines with this book. Lucid narration coupled with strong analytics and research makes this book a strong competitor in its genre. This book is not only a good reading experience but also provides food for thoughts.

Get your copy from Amazon/Kindle.

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