Book Review: The Quantum Reality of Life by Saravanan Marimuthu

It is a good book if you understood its full content and essence. Even from its title, I could decipher that the book sprung from some ‘physics’ term. The author builds theories and assumptions about life with reference to quantum concept. It simply means that something existed at some point of time at some place. In the book there is a lot of information about molecules, electrons, photons, big bang theory, light years and everything in between that a normal guy could not think of.

Honestly putting, I felt the book was heavy. People from engineering or physics background can grasp it in one go. For me, I read it slowly and made notes on Kindle. At times, I had to Google some terms to gel up with the book’s main themes. At large, the book explains the contrasting difference between science, religion, and spirituality. How these three can go together – is it possible anytime in future for the human race? We as humans have a lot questions related to our existence and universe and cosmic things and ancient beliefs and this author pursued to answer all doubts through the Quantum Mechanics.

As I advanced in the book, I was mesmerized to know that other than physics terms and concepts, he nicely elaborated Dharma, Adharma, existence of god, role of cosmos in our life, soul and much more. If I think and cogitate about my experience, I think a got lot in just 80 pages. For sure, the book is not meant for naïve readers. It is something special yet intriguing and complex. The author tried his best to simplify the terms for laymen but irregularities still existed. Given the nature of subject, that was bound to happen.  

Now I wish Saravanan to write his next book in very simple terms may be on some other topics that remain hidden and away from our common comprehension. One thing is good and that is the short length of the book. Had there been pictures and flowcharts and light quotes, the book could have carved out brilliantly. Good work Saravanan. I know you wrote down your observations gathered while travelling across the world. Wish you best of luck for your next book.

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