Book Review – The Golden Bird 2.0: Resurgence of India by Raina Singhvi Jain

The Golden Bird 2.0: Resurgence of India by Raina Singhvi Jain is a work of non-fiction, stretching up to 300 pages. The book is poignant in exploring the aspects that can make India great again. In short, the author has put a historical reference, as in back then India was referred as Sone Ki Chidiya – Golden Bird – owing to richness in trade values, heritage, minerals and resources, civilization, and much more. India then was a good land with its own diversities and richness until it was robbed and corrupted by foreign forces like British.

The author is a successful entrepreneur with over 12 years of experience while setting some good brands and products. It was Covid 19 era and the abrupt and defunct behavior of China that led the author to think as what will happen if India becomes the golden bird once again to lead the world. The book holds much focus on India vs. China’s bad policies. History, Indo-China, and PM Modi’s vision of self-reliance and the author’s personal views and opinions form the major content of the book.

The book at length discusses over 15 topics like Parallel Beginnings, Trade Status, Education, and so on. One by one, the author introduces the scaffold and the depth of these topics to us. She appeals if we Indians align ourselves with the visions of the book, we can definitely do better and it will not take much until we capture that best place once again at the world level.

Since the book is slightly heavy and filled with history and stats and vision, I would advise readers to read this book in paperback with their own comfortable pace. The writing style is coherent and well executed due to the selection of topics. Overall, it is a good book with so much information about a country that can once again that golden bird as it used to be many centuries ago. The book is a sort of an eye-opener than just a plain researched work.

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