Book Review: Grow Rich Selling Groceries by Pradeep Cp

Starting a business, running it systematically, and reaping profits is not an easy game. Setting up a successful business is a distant dream for many, yet it is feasible. The book by Pradeep Cp, Grow Rich Selling Groceries (published by BookMedia) is a niche-oriented business management book. This 88-something page book depicts as how someone can start a profitable grocery business, be it brick and mortar store or selling online through apps or websites.

Not only for new merchants but also those who struggling in this field to make profits can learn many valuable lessons from this book. The book will guide you as how you can start a retail grocery-inclined business anywhere in the world. How you can manage the stock and decide on the pricing and set SOP for all? In fact, I am short of words; there is everything that you look forward for your business.

This book solves problems, gives solution, along with consultation. Many people do not know where to start a grocery business – they may be running pell-mell to find a perfect location or godown…right? Worry not you can learn how to set up, how to set price, how to design racks, how to get software for GST and other billing, how to make SOPs for all, how to monitor, how to reduce dump and damage, and most importantly how to cut on cost so as to make higher margins of profit. From A to Z – you can think of related to business – it has all.

Without saying much, I can assure that once you pick up this book, you will be rich with knowledge and will get clear ideas as how you can start your business online and offline. The author has put in his knowledge and years of experience so that millions of readers across the world can make the most from this book. For sure, it is a book that can help in business. Getting a book that teaches someone how to be successful in a specific business is rare nowadays. If you are looking for a healthy business idea, it’s a must read book. From language to vocabulary, all is simple to understand. There are tables and worksheets for better understanding. In a nutshell, there is so much guidance in the book.

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