Book Review: Arya’s Hunting Ground by Arvind Narsima

I am an avid thriller reader! Of late, I have begun romancing with Indian authors, and so far loved the books by Kochery C Shibu, Manoj Sharm, and now Mr. Narsima. Published by BookMedia, Arya’s Hunting Ground is my first book from the author Arvind Narsima. And people told me to pick up The Chosen One and The Aravan Head too. For sure I will do, they are on my TBR.

As we all know that since some time say 2012 our country has been witnessing horrific soul-shattering rape cases. Now it is Hathras one. Mr. Narsima has written this book to show his tribute to the rape victims in our country and interestingly he introduced Arya, a powerful Policing character. If we get someone as strong as Arya, I am sure rape crimes will diminish totally. But the problem is most of the politicians are involved in crimes for their own benefits.

This novel is around 400 pages. I accept it is a lengthy read but at the same time it gives immense thrill when I reach beyond the general crime cases. The story is about Arya. He is a CBCID officer in Chennai Police. Earlier he was based in Mumbai and North India (Ghaziabad). He lost his girlfriend to criminals. Thus, he hates rapists and people torturing women.

In Chennai and Puducherry crime is pervading and the worst victims are girls and women other than innocent men. Crime masters like Bullet Baskar and Jaya Akka work like mafias. They take order of bank robbery, murders, and crimes for money. In one such tale, a famous singer Jeyanth is found murdered in his house. His wife Ananya is the prime suspect. Beside his father-in-law Aadhi Kesavan is a politician. He knows the inside story, so he tries to close the case but it is rather handed to the cop Arya. He defies all protocols and strives ahead to solve it. Well, before he could understand anything, three more people are being murdered. And in Puducherry, a small girl of a financer is brutally raped and murdered and thrown in mire.

One after another, characters make entry, and the story all of sudden begins sounding off track and too big to understand. But I didn’t lose my patience, I keep reading and a time came when I became familiar with all and got the major point in this crime suspense novel.

What is the rivalry between Aadhi Kesavan and Prabhakar Reddy? Who are the murders behind that small girl? Who are Rudra Guru and Sagar and how are they related? Will Arya find his final criminals or do we need to wait for a sequel? Will Arya and Shivani get along with each other – or is it another dead end for them?

I tell you there are many questions that may begin rummaging in your mind when you reach midway. That’s the way it should have been? Right? An engaging crime thriller with a strong cast of characters. I loved the novel till its last page. For murder mystery and crime thriller fans, this is a treat. I found it as I am reading a Sidney Sheldon book. Strong characters make this novel a class apart from others. Highly recommended!

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