Book Review: A Dark Love Story by Shairoz K. Anwarali

This book has a lot of stuff like love affair, romance triangle, darkness, secrets, vampires and werewolves, teenage life, etc. The Length of the book is optimum, neither thick nor thin, around 240 pages. I had no difficulty finishing the novel. Even the cover page is good and it arouses some interest about the story. Well, but I think, the title could have been more interesting. This one is way too simple and gives the idea of the novel.

This year, or ever, this is not my first romance novel. I have been reading many up till now. However, this one is special because it mixes sizzling romance with intriguing darkness. It has to be when you mix love and vampire. The story features Ella, a young adult girl, with a not-so-likable past. She loses her mother and father is on the run. She completes her basic education at an orphanage. But even her dull past does not stop her from flying high and exploring more about life. On scholarship, she moves away to a new city and gets admission in a college.

Once she is in a college, a typical college student type life begins for her. However, I would like to tell you that she has some recurring nightmare. It haunts her! She may find more about that ahead. If you read the story, you will get the connection.

In the college, a handsome but mysterious boy named Parker follows her for his own peculiar reasons. One of the reasons is that she is like Suzie to him. But who is Suzie…that is another story.

There is one more guy, he too begins liking Ella. Now she is at the center, before a love triangle is formed. Ella and Parker see themselves falling in love though they take time to confront it. The author has done a wonderful job on sketching characters. I mean Ella and Parker are too young and we get to know the inside mechanism of their mind and heart. For much time, it remains like a typical college romance. But slowly…suspense is built. Ella smells rat with Parker. At one side, she is stuck in her own complications of life, for instance she happens to meet his long-gone father through a friend cum stepsister Lauren. On the other hand, Parker’s real face of vampire sends chill to her spine. Imagine a human girl falling for a vampire. Can she trust him for her life? Vampires are blood thirsty. Isn’t?

What will happen when they face the world? It is humans vs. vampire? What is the vampire and werewolves connection? In more than one way, this novel is way extraordinary for its genre: romance.

I did not feel the force of time while reading this novel, as it was a self-managed fast paced. The story becomes an obsession when one after other secrets is unfurled in a dramatic way. People comparing it with Twilight, I think, first they need to read this book. It is total Netflix/Amazon Prime material. Overall, after a long time, I was able to enjoy a romance novel thoroughly. Thanks to the author.

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