Book Review: Moments of Life by Benisha Nadar

‘Moments of Life’ by Benisha Nadar is a short poetry book, published by Blue Rose Publishers. I am not much into old or classic poetry, because I had to traverse through intriguing phrases and they use primitive vocabulary. But nowadays since the advent of Tumblr or Instagram and other social media platforms, it has become easy to read others thoughts and poetry-like work. To me, this book reminds me that. The book is about a story called life, written in poetry and prose form.

This is simple and relatable work. Probably the author has created a concept of poems to depict the fun and tragic moments of life. All in all, the book is about life. The initial poems up to jobs are good and instill a sense of mirth in readers. But as the book begins narrating events related to marriage, parent-child scuffle, generation gap, loneliness, death, etc…the book aims to cover the phases that bring sadness and loneliness.

The brilliance of the book is that it has covered all phases of life through poetic juice. For instance, ‘First Walk’, ‘Mom’s Sleepless Nights’, ‘School Memories’ are some simple yet effective poems that anyone would love to read and relate to. In simple words, the poems are about life. Every poem has a name and it’s a simple one. I loved the collection all the more, because no poem was lengthy, however the messages that they emanated are going to last for a longer time in my subconscious mind.

Since the book is short, I am not feeling like giving away too much. I am confident that this will suit all. And those who just come out of school or college or joined their first job may love this collection from the bottom of their heart. If the content of this book is promoted using hash tags like #poetsofinstagram, likely the author can get huge fan following.

Don’t ask what is my favourite poem in the collection? I would say that I have read the book thrice and often pick up any random poem to soothe up my mind.

The title and cover page of the book is way good and compliments each other. Benisha’s writing caliber in the stance of poet is well evident, I hope her next book is fiction. Well-written and well-edited, this book is readable on both formats, Kindle and Paperback. Lovely poems with a touch of realism. Highly recommended!

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