Book Review: WHAT AM I?: An Existential Conundrum by Anusha Krishnaswamy

WHAT AM I?: An Existential Conundrum by Anusha is a fine philosophy book that covers many astounding topics that are probably unknown to major mass of the world. However, the aim of the author is to circulate around true identity search – an intrinsic one, which is based on morality or conscience, not blinded by religions, social status, face value, and net worth, and so on.

While reading the book, I looked back into my life, introspected, and found that we, as humans, are collectively lost. The biggest loss is that we don’t know what our true identity is. How can we define ourselves? Therefore, this book presents philosophical theories/assumptions as what, in a true sense, defines an individual’s identity. The author, sort of, puts a debate while considering many topics into one.

Identity search is a deep concern. One needs to go back to the roots, consider science, spirituality, and conscience to get an answer. With many examples and some stories, the author tried hard to explain the difference between perceived and actual identity. The biggest take away from the book is, understanding the pattern of energy that fuels the world. This concept has been explained in detail with a picture of Yin Yang energy concept. It is two energies: male and female. The balance of these energies works in favour of achieving success and happiness and most importantly a morally fit conscience. Yes, I found out that identity is related to human conscience.

After considering a gamut of topics and issues, the book drills down to many points that define the conscience of a human being and how that conscience forms the identity. In addition, I also sighed in appreciation for the author’s work on negative energy and emotions. This was explained lucidly by considering Gate of Dependence and Gate of Destruction. Between these two lies the inner master i.e. conscience. Have I played too much around conscience? Maybe! But it wasn’t intentional. I mean the book’s scope is so wide that probably I cannot cover all topics, but if you carefully study and see you will discover that it drills down to one point: identity search.

There are twenty two chapters and each one sounds like a unique concept that more or less leads us to the identity search journey. Yes, I now believe that knowing about identity search is a long process and one needs to devote time and work on thought process.

Without getting too much in the book, I would say that Anusha shines as a philosopher. She has a subtle way of presenting things that we cannot think of in our day to day fast-paced mean life. She writes with a sense of peace and the book is lucid to read and understand. I am glad that the book isn’t happy like millions of other self-help or philosophy book. One must read if he or she harbours interest in life and the cosmos process.

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