How can I Publish a Book on My Own in India?

Publishing any sort of book in India is now quite easy, provided you choose the right way to do it. Generally there are three ways of publishing your book.

Traditional Publishing:

This is a time-consuming process where you have to submit your manuscript to the traditional publishers and wait for their reply for about 3–6 months. Generally this option shall be chosen by the well-established authors as debut authors are mostly not entertained by them. If one is luck to get a deal, well then he/she is entitled to get some advance royalty and your book is generally said to be published for free.

E-Book Publishing:

Directly uploading your book on the platforms like Amazon Kindle comes under this process. Here your royalty is automatically transferred to your bank account but you lose majority of sales because of non availability of paperback edition. Also, even if you publish the paperback edition through Amazon India, by default the price of such book will be too high for the buyers to afford.


Self-publishing in India is much easier than you think. You just need to look out for self publishers in and choose the best among them. These self publishers offer various publishing services depending upon your requirements and budget.

When you chose a self-publishing company to have your book released in the market, make sure they provide the following services effortlessly.

  • Assistance in all forms of editing and proofreading and cover design
  • Affordable to premium packages
  • Book marketing assistance after the book is published
  • Listing on major online stores like Amazon and Flipkart
  • Clarity on book pricing and royalties
  • Post publishing support
  • Regular payments and updates of royalty

BookMedia is considered as the most transparent self-publishing company in India. It provides quality publishing services and marketing assistance to all authors, be they new, struggling, or already published.

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