Book Review: The Art and Science of Real Wealth by Bollachettira Dhyan Appachu

The Art and Science of Real Wealth by Bollachettira Dhyan Appachu is a blend of investment tips and spirituality. Author Dhyan Appachu narrates his own tale of financial hits and low and what events nudged him to get on the way of dhyan i.e. meditation. The author has been active in the stock investment since his teenage days. However, being young and prolific, he made some mistakes and did blunders because in young age one is hardly disciplined and think of long term. At this age, people want the results instantly. So does the author was no different.

The author started stock trading since quite young, so instead of putting money into MRF tyre, he had put the money into an oil exploration company. His decision was based on juvenile instinct. He did not weigh or profess the decision, as a result he lost good amount of money. This is not the first instance. He also lost money several times owing to his hasty behavior. Sometimes he lost money while living in the USA, and at times being in India. He doesn’t know the difference between abroad stock market and Bharat stock business. He took them alike but it was his some failures that ultimately made him an erudite and strong man. Since 2018, he is making good profit from it.

He is into stock and trading field for 26 years. Imagine what he must have learnt in such a vast period. The financial part of this book is basically explained through the eyes of two persons, one is an economist, and second one is a speculator. Nikolai Kondratiev was an economist. He was one of the under-rated economists; however, according to the author his theories were most suited in the long term.

Next was Live Jessemore, a great speculator. He made USD 100,000,000 during the economic crash of 2009 which is valued at INR 9,100 crores in 2017 value. The author has given much focus on the tactics of Live Jessemore for making money from speculation.

Similarly, the author goes on to explain as why a person fails in long term business deals. He drills down four main reasons. They are: ignorance, fear, greed, and hope. If you managed to conquer these, consider yourself wealthy. Not only this, the author has also shared his tips and principles for making money in long term.

The author has vision for investments, as this factor distinguishes it from speculation. As per the current crisis, that is no lesser than a bubble, the author wants you to make investments in gold over anything else. Investment is purely a personal choice. But this book will tell you what to avoid and where.

The second segment to the book is about true love and real wealth. This part is narrated in context of restore real Ram Rajya. As a matter of fact, it is taken from the first book of the author – Arya Dharma: The Noble Dharma.

The second part is good but at times repetitive since I have already read the first book of the author. However, I really liked the concept of fish love and true love. The real wealth is not bank balance or assets or anything in material, rather it is in the hearts of other people and that sort of wealth never dies.

Talking about writing and other aspects, the author has used heavy financial jargons in the first part that can only be understood by people associated with finance or economics. For me, I had to run Google search often, but it also made me to learn something good…isn’t it?

The book requires note making and I would suggest reading it slowly to leverage the maximum advantage from it. Overall, a good nonfiction book, I conclude the review by giving 4/5.

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