Book Review: The Million Dollar Powerful Personality by Dr. Kamal Murdia

Wow! What a great book, indeed! “The First 360 Degree Book on Personality by a Cosmetic Surgeon in the World Today.”

The title and its subsequent headline itself won my heart. I am a glamour loving person, yeah so haggling with books that can enrich my beauty and looks and overall appearance are always a priority on my list. Since it is a bit lengthy book, so I wanted to read in a paperback copy, but lock down dashed my wish. Nevertheless, I made myself happy with the Kindle copy, thanks to my Unlimited Membership.

Total 22 chapters. Some are lengthy and some are interesting and very short. First two chapters can lure any reader for the book. What are they – the hare and tortoise race versions and full of quotes and moral boosting things? I loved it. I was moved.   

For people who have had good grooming, this book can surely enhance their take on personality development. And for rustic or less groomed section, it is a gold mine. I had a wonderful time reading and learning from this book. Particularly, I wanted to know about the types of cosmetic surgery, and that I found that towards the last chapters.

It is one of the rarest books that not only develop self-grooming but also encourages the inner soul to become perfect. Yes, indeed…it is a book, rather guide for models, actors, business people, and most importantly for those who love themselves and want to see themselves as beautiful personality.

I jotted down many points from the book and I am sure that is going to give me extra edge over many rivals. I personally loved topics on public speaking, self-discipline, and time management. These were absolute new learning for me. Otherwise, there were also chapters on perfume and clothes – some of the tips were valuable, and some sounded cliché.

See…if you love yourself and want to grow in your life from all angles, grab this book. I think for men, this book is a wonderful finding. The author is a cosmetic surgeon, it is clear that he had put his own knowledge and 25 years of experience to build this book. Without taking much time, overall it’s a worth taking note book and millions of people and readers should try it. The best thing is that you can pick up any chapter to read and grow. There is no strict mandate to follow a thread. I read it randomly, but read it completely.

Thank you Dr. Murdia for sharing your wisdom with millions. Oh…yeah, my final rating…I would give 4.5 out of 5. Made it a bit shorter and you have the best book on personality development.

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