Book Review: Gamed – Will Love Find Me? by Kaveri Bhar

This is a romance cum relationship novel. Gamed means manipulation. So, the title of the novel is apt according to my reading experience. Well, who is gamed in the novel? Let’s get a bit inside the story. As per the author’s claim, this is the first book in the Gamed trilogy. Two are yet to be written. The story is about Kristina. She was in love with Smith in her hometown. But within six months of marriage, Smith moves out to the UK for an onsite job offer. Kristina waits for him. She thinks of love and nights they shared together. The novel moves at a leisurely pace, Kristina takes time to evolve as a lead character.

For a change in life and time, she moves away from her hometown to get her third job. There she stumbles upon Craig, a man from her office, basically at a senior level. They talk, go on a business trip, and so on. They gel well. Craig has crush upon her, but she is lost in Smith, basically her past life. It’s been over two years that Smith doesn’t give her proper response. He calls her to the UK and urges her to do a job search there. She dislikes the idea. Slowly, long distance relationship turns sour for them and Kristina is caught between the crosswire. She likes Craig, but he is already married.

How can Smith leaves Kristina behind when they had decided to remain together at the time of marriage? Who is wrong in pursuit? Is Kristina capable of forgetting her pleasant past with Smith to ultimately choose Craig? There are many questions that form up while reading this beautiful novel that delves deep inside the marriage life a couple.

The story perfectly sums up the plight of a young woman left behind by her husband. The sort of challenges and stigma she faces while going abreast in the society are well portrayed. But above all thing, it is Kristina’s resilient character that shines throughout the story.

The author has perfectly balanced the gamut of emotions as and now then Kristina shuttles between past and present. The novel doles out a strong message that getting into marriage and love may be easy, but carrying out all responsibilities that follow later is something that requires boldness and compassion.

The loneliness and solitude of Kristina is well captured, with passing time. Gamed – Will Love Find Me is a powerful novel with its solo stance and mixture of sub themes. A highly readable novel owing to lucid narration!

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