Book Review: Self-Publishing: Expectation vs Reality Nataraj Sasid

I have not been into writing books, but most of my blogger friends write and self-publish via KDP, and then we all pull socks to promote the book.

It is always good to read books that can help authors make their way from crowd to bestsellers. Because of technology and ease of publishing books in a matter of time, it has become easy to read books from the industry experts.

Nataraj Sasid in his new book advises authors on trends in self-publishing and marketing books. He shares some non-negotiable pointers for all authors, new and established alike:

  • Learn to write good stuff
  • Know-how about various publishing types
  • Why most authors fail with self-publishing
  • How to effectively market the book
  • Insights on types of digital publishing and how to get done the cover page using various tools
  • POD and Audio books

Who is Nataraj and Why We Should take his Advice?

He worked with many publishing houses and authors. He first hand saw them struggling and making fortunes. He learnt much about publishing industry, thus, to help authors, he came up with this pragmatic book.

What’s Special?

Nataraj writes as publishing and marketing a book is important than just being a good writer. He encourages the whole new lot by inserting motivational quotes from famous authors and others, one such is:

Success comes with experience…experience comes from failures…failures come from trying…so the more your try, the more you fail. The more you fail the more you get experience. And the more you get experience…You Will Succeed!

  • With traditional publisher, the approach takes time and they have limited money to spend on any book launch or marketing. Royalties are less, but they are genuine.
  • With self-publishing, all is great and high, except the sales of a book.
  • Book marketing is more of a marathon than a sprint. One needs to have relationships built, sharing good rapport with the audiences, and learning is an ongoing necessity.
  • The most important tip in the book is ‘don’t give up’.

Nataraj Sasid’s Self-Publishing: Expectation vs Reality is a useful, readable, and timely book for authors who publish and want to make big on their own. I found his thoughts and shared experience quite insightful. Hope you too find it useful!

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