Some Beautiful Indian Love Stories by Indian Authors

I have been reading romance since a long time. And my recent fad is about very Indian stories of love and romance from our very own Indian authors. I like the way characters fall in love, evolve, and see the days of sorrow and happiness together. The most enticing aspect about these books is that they revolve around Indian culture and depicts the young adults of contemporary generation.

So, in this post, I am sharing the name of some of the best romance novels that lately touched my heart and I found them a wonderful read.

She Stood by Me by Tarun Vikash

Written in simple and conversational way, this novel brings forward the true meaning of love to us. In fact, it posits that love is not a relationship, it is something transcendental and beyond our definitions. How is love different than being into a relationship, is portrayed brilliantly in the story over a period of time. I think the novel went like a phase in life of both the characters Abhi and Aparna. Maybe based on true life events, be it any, I found the story of great relevance. This is a one of the best romance novels I have ever read – I do not know the exact reasons, but I liked it from my heart. There is something innocent and charming factor about the story of both guys. One can learn a lot from their story, I mean Abhi was a good guy but had to struggle just to make his love feel like a real one, though he was into a straight love with Aparna. But Aparna at point of time mocked him until she met with an untoward accident that changed the winds for Abhi. Give it a try, it’s better than any Durjoy novels.

Gamed – Will Love Find Me? by Kaveri Bhar

Gamed – Will Love Find Me? by Kaveri Bhar is a riveting romance cum relationship novel. It sheds light on the value of healthy relationship that forms after being married to the loved ones. Small egos and things and talks can definitely break the relationship. So as you read more about Kristina, the lead character of the novel, you will get to know what the pain point is and why she is being victimized by her husband. Deep inside the novel, you will feel that being a woman in the Indian society is tough when you get into a bad marriage. This is the first book, so I felt the ending was not up to the mark. But I will the next books in the series to figure out what actually was brewing in the hearts of main characters. This novel kept me hooked but in snatches I was getting distracted a bit, otherwise a good novel to read and remember.

I am in Love with a Shudh Desi Firangi: Hey Shiva, I See You in Him by Dipnanda Bhaduri Roy

The title of the book says a lot and it piqued me enough to finish this book so fast on Kindle. The story is of a somber and decent Bengali girl, Kattyani, but the fate is so cruel that the society doesn’t find her that attractive. Thus, her boyfriend leaves for some cold reasons.

She is heartbreak but somehow moves on to Goa with her Aunt. There she stumbles upon an American guy who reminds him of a man that is having some good virtues of Lord Shiva. Inch by inch, they hang around and meet and a new love story is on the way. I liked the mixing of many cultures into one to raise the love above all.

The novel is laced with good story that moves at a mind-boggling speed. Remember this love story is a bit different than today’s fast-moving love tales.

Bestowed: Would you still love someone if she doesn’t remember loving you? by Snehlata Agarwala.

It’s an amazing read. Loved the way the story kept me on the edge till the end. The portrayal of Bengali culture in this modern world is too good. A must-read for romance readers and it’s not an ordinary romance story but filled with suspense and humor.

Ved Maya by Vineeta Malhotra Taneja

The play of destiny is something that cannot be missed in this book. A romance that is intriguing and cannot be missed.

The waiting… the longing… the acceptance… the heartbreak… the strong bond of friendship… the family ties… There are so many occurrences that are so heartwarming and there are some that are heart wrenching too.

A wonderful romance that cannot be missed at all. Read it umpteen times yet cannot get enough of it.

Ved, a mature person, humble and understanding… we would all want to have such a person in our lives…

Maya, the girl next door yet very strong and independent… who would be a good friend to have, always…

Diya Aur Baati Hum by Snehlata Agarwala

This book… what a beautiful one this is! Such a wonderful amalgamation of feelings and emotions. All the relationships are carved so beautifully by the author; she has done complete justice to every character. The bond between parents and children, between siblings, between lovers. The beauty with which each of the characters is entwined with the other is par excellence.

It’s a must read for anyone who loves romance, which is one aspect that is in abundance in this saga of love, friendship and faith.

Heart Strings by Sushma Rani Sangam

An amazing romance story where the lead character is a doctor and her life’s most terrible as well as pleasant moments have the premises of the hospital where she works. She finds strength while fighting for her love of life while working there in hostile conditions.

Love is a complicated thing, not all have the guts to face and maintain it. All the more, there are very few people in the world that gets their perfect or most loving life partners otherwise most of the people just hook on barter system. An intense heat of love emanates from this terrific novel.

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