Book Review: The 9 Colours of Vibrant Women by Ramya R. Moorthy

The author has drawn inspiration from the Goddess Durga’s various roles and responsibilities. She perfectly chose 9 colours for 9 days during Navratri.

The book is based on colours as how colours define the traits and deeds of women, and different colours mean different set of qualities. It’s a powerful book, with an immense potential to influence many young girls and even women. There are amalgamated some very powerful stories of ordinary girls who made it big through sheer hard work and conviction. They have transformed from rags to riches, but without a prince charming to help and protect these non-damsels in distress. In fact, these are no damsels-in-distress, rather, warrior princesses who dare to fight for their own rights and overcome and slay every dragon that stands in their way.

From social activists to space astronauts, athletes to boxers, there is nothing women cannot achieve if they set their minds on it. Yes, it may take time, but through perseverance, everything is possible. After all, can you imagine that there was a time when a woman was not allowed to have a bank account of her own? Or that, women could be dismissed from their jobs just for being pregnant?

With beautiful inspiration drawn from the lives of many women, the book is a gala-gala affair for all. I loved the bright and bombastic cover which is a foreshadowing of the power that will be emanating from the pages once we open the book. The author has also diversified the chapters, including women from different fields of work and as such, revelations were made in this book. I for instance never knew about the struggle of Deepa Mallik! Likewise, there were many surprising stories.

How can I express the awe-inspiring feeling that I got as I read the book? Or the goose bumps that I got so often? Or how frequently my eyes would well up, learning about the triumphs and sheer determination of these women? They are a source of inspiration! And if these could inspire, imagine how much sway they could have over the impressionable minds of young girls.

I rate this book a solid 5/5 stars and recommend you all to read them yourselves and then gift them to the young girls in your lives.

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