Book Review: Love, Murder and Ambition by Vidhi Chauhan

Let me tell you one thing that I picked up this novella thinking it full of espionage, spy coverage and a lot of Hollywood type action and adventure. I admit, I didn’t get that, rather what I got, I think I can pass on that to my audience.

It’s a short murder mystery novella, of whose characters and cities are from India. Yes, it’s totally an Indian murder mystery. I never expected that the debut author Vidhi Chauhan will make it so simple, yet impressive.

The story features a man. On a broader term, he is ambitious but lands up screwing up his life when he uses women for his personal pleasure and fun and business stances. He is none other than the dashing Mahesh. He is introduced as someone good and decent and likable. Wait a minute, the equations change after the murder of Aakriti. Who was she?

Who murdered Aakriti and why, remains unsolved till the very last page. Ironically Mahesh is being trapped and set for the murder trial. The author could have provided much coverage to legal proceedings and investigation to make Mahesh’s case more interesting. Things move on.

I wanted to say that Mahesh was a rich businessman but he could not use his power and money to fight his case. This could have been highlighted, anyways; the author’s focus was solely on unmasking Mahesh’s black deeds and his wife playing a smart game. I liked the novella overall as it didn’t consume much of my time. It’s sure a good effort by the author and much suited to new readers. Those who read ‘The Girl in Room 105’ by Chetan Bhagat must like this book as well.

As said earlier, a simple yet interesting novella. I would like to have more books by Vidhi, if she promises to keep them short. Nothing much to share as I do not want the review to be a spoiler alert, better pick up and rate with your experience. I am happy that Vidhi didn’t go for a conventional murder mystery…kudos!

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