Book Review: Arya Dharma by Bollachettira Dhyan Appachu

Arya Dharma by Bollachettira Dhyan Appachu is a good book but I fear for not everyone because the book blends spirituality, religion, some mythology, and contemporary crises into one. Combining all, the author comes up with Arya Dharma concept which literally means Noble. So, in short it is about Noble Dharma – a sort of religion which is above all and fosters the peace and promotion in equal measures, by shunning the concepts like democracy and westernization and capitalism.

The author tried hard to convince everyone that once thousands of years ago there existed a perfect state where people were free to speak and the government was ready to listen to them. It was Ram Rajya. Thus, if the same is built and brought today, it’s going to make the world a much happy place and free from the realms of FUKUS, it means following blindly collectively the hollow ideologies of three nations namely France, United Kingdom, and the USA. I wanted to ask the author, there could have been more name to this system. Even I felt that somewhere or other he is right that we as human race is deteriorating as we love to follow someone else’s things and beliefs pleasantly.

The book is about how Ram Rajya was perfect. How can we build it? How to shun FUKUS system – which nothing substantial but based on money and money…and so on. That could be the reality but today the world is glocal – global + local. So, it was inevitable.

The author has also talked about many Sanskrit sholakas and the teachings derived from it. There is some unspeakable urge within the author that needs to be heard. I was bemused and confused and relieved at this book. I had really mixed feelings while traversing such a vast work of immaculate observation and a vast vista of thinking. I think the concept of the book appeals for one world and one religion without any prejudices and barriers. It is a noble thought but highly impracticable as the world is all about fighting and that is fueled by religion directly or indirectly.

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