Book Review: Lucid Dream by Atul Mohite

Lucid Dream by Atul Mohite is a short and absolutely beautifully written novel. I have always loved stories built around students, since I grew up and studied in Pune for long time, I could relate to the story any day. I have been to SP College for examinations and all. Pune is a nice backdrop for a student-oriented story. Anyways, this is about one student named Suraj. He comes from a good and supporting family, especially his father who himself wanted to be an author but couldn’t due to social and family responsibilities. Suraj and his father share a good bonding. What…next?

Suraj has just passed his 10th and now he is all set for a planning to the future. He wants to be an engineer that to be in IIT, lesser than that means insult. Also, his brother studies at one of the good colleges in Mumbai. So the ambience of doing engineering is built credibly in the book. In the process, Suraj’s life get screwed up, he has to study hard for IIT exams with a tuition institute and in junior college i.e. SP College, and he has to pass exams as well.

The story moves on and Suraj meets a ravishing girl Naina and they both begin liking each other. She applauds Suraj when he plays piano or wins chess championships. When Suraj grows depressive of his performance, it is Naina that recommends him a book based on lucid dream. A sort of dreamy state where we are dreaming but can control the events. But after all it is a dream – in a broader sense filled with desire and aspirations. I liked this concept and I was taken back to those days of school and college where I used to dream a lot but results never came in my favour.

The second invisible part in the novel is Suraj’s friendship with some boys of his class; they are like him, like-minded. I really loved their chemistry and leg pulling and enviousness among each other. I wonder how popular is girlfriend and boyfriend among that age. Pure innocence and mischief….yeah. You must read that part slowly.

The gang of boys steers of their plans from becoming IITian to writing a book called Lucid Dream, with Suraj as an author. How did they do that and what all preparations they take and what results and fate await them when they appear for pre-IIT exams…a great read. I enjoyed it truly. I hope the same for you. There is love story as well, between Naina and Suraj. But they were made to separate…but why? Even if, will Suraj be able to trace her and get her love back…questions do arise when you are in mid of such a riveting novel. I got my answers as I completed the book. The story and everything worked for me. I loved this novel and recommended to my friends. Absolutely simple and unputdownable.

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