5 Reasons to Read the Mythological Duology – The Sullied Warrior by Gaurav Sharma

Lucky are those who got to read the best of best mythological and fantasy novels. Among all genres, it’s a prime one. You get a chance to sneak peak in the lives of demi-gods, lands lurking with demons, magical bizarre, amazing clash of ideologies and of course raw action on the battlefields, jungles, mountains with incredible armory like spears and swords and so on. The love for reading mythological books is on the rise and now a time has reached when people have begun looking for best options from all possible mythologies…be it Indian, Lankan, Greek, Norse, Roman, or even Gothic. Every mythological novel series comes with some promises like a set of characters, villains, an era which is lost to the current generation. Mythological novels not only entertain us but also reminds of some great time on the earth that existed when the human race was high on the wheel of evolvement.

It’s to be noted that nearly all mythological novels are featured around warriors and probably this element keeps readers bewitched. Well, upon my last reading experience, I am wrapping up as why you should read a mythological duology (The Sullied Warrior) by Gaurav Sharma.

  1. Its National & Amazon Bestseller:

The duology has two books. The God of the Sullied and Long Live the Sullied. The former is the first book. The novels were entirely different and fast-paced and easy to read and understand that it took no time for them to become instant bestsellers.

2. Powerful Characters:

The novels are driven by some powerful characters. They initiate action, at times act as catalytic, and most awesome thing about them is that they are full of sweeps and back stories and ambitions. Eklayva and Pundir and Mahapurohit are the prominent ones, with one girl and a boy from a jungle tribe, and two teachers from gurukul form the list of supporting characters. In fact, characterization is deep and invokes a sense of feeling. Eklayva shines throughout the series despite being cursed. On the other hand, Pundir wanted to make some extraordinary and ferocious of his life.

3. A Different Mythology:

Most of the mythological novels frequent the known territories, thus sound repetitive. This one is different, set in 9th century in India, a sort of medieval history and inclusion of Mahaveer and Mohammad somewhat makes the novel looks appealing and urge readers to find out more. Another dazzling aspect of the series is the Kali Yuga vs. Satya Yuga. The books highlighted that it was the time when Kali (the evil of darkness) began spreading its wings and people took plundering and dishonesty as a means of living.

4. Sub Themes and Mini Climaxes:

Both the books have been good with sub themes and short climaxes. This instilled a sense of thrill and suspense at every juncture. One strong reason for that is the use of multi-narration techniques; the book has been presented from different people’s point of views, including time.

5. Pace and Language:

If a novel has to be riveting, it should have an optimum pace and length and good usage of language. This duology scores 5 out of 5 for language related aspects. Each book was limited up to 230 pages. It was easy to read while taking short breaks. Gaurav Sharma is a promising talent with freshness as one of the strongest pillars of his writing calibre. Overall, this duology makes up for a great read in a blend of mythological and fantasy genre.

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