What to Read when You are Done with your Favourite Book Series?

Reading books is good – a hobby, a habit, or passion. But what if you get addicted to reading books in series? Can you imagine the mood swings that follow? Those who have read the Harry Potter series, better take their opinions. It takes time to get adjusted after the Potter tremors. Harry Potter is indeed a long series with over 7 books. I have read all the books in the series and now I feel like to have the same feel for some other book series, but the reality is that I cannot have the experience I had with Potter books.

So, to keep the book series fun alive and in a hope of finding something as riveting as Potter series for you guys, I began my search. After scouting several book recommendation and review websites, I came up with some recommendations based on my Post-Potter reading experience. Hope you would like the books that boast of successful series.

Off the list, number one recommendation is Wilbur Smith. He has written over 50 novels on Africa and its lifestyle, some modern and a few from the history. He is a native of Africa and probably explored world’s all amazing landscapes to use them against his stories. He is a terrific writer. From his shelves, you can pick up The Courtney Series: It has over 17 classic novels to its name, but the fortunate part is that you can pick up any novel anytime, I mean randomly. This makes this series quite remarkable.

Next recommendation is C.J. Sansom’s Shardlake Series. Sansom is famous for prominent war fictions like Winter in Madrid and Dominion, but historical fiction is his forte, be it Dissolution or the entire Shardlake Series, you would love him the way you admire Bernard Cornwell. This series has around 7 novels based playing around history and mythology.

Shiva Trilogy by Amish Tripathi is one of the best part mythological and fantasy novels ever written by an Indian. The book series is series because it takes the readers to some unknown territories with a very strange yet riveting set of characters like Nagas and Suryavanshis and Shiva as a hero from a tribe not so famous in the Indian subcontinent. In total, there are 3 books and one must read them in a series to get the best out of it.

The Sullied Warrior Duology by Gaurav Sharma isa new entry in a mix of fantasy and mythology genre. This set of two books is led by God of the Sullied – it was an instant national bestseller, the next book that follows in the series is Long Live the Sullied. After Amish, he is one of the best and promising looking talents. The books are closely placed and feature flawed and common characters in larger-than-life view. Main characters like Eklavya and Pundir are terrific in grit and the novel has a bit liberal theme as opposed to rigid Indian mythologies. Fast-paced, it is a must read.    

The list of books that set in a series pattern could be long, spanning across various timelines and based on diverse landscapes. Well, before I conclude the article, you may also try books in the Norse Mythology and war fiction trilogy such as Century Trilogy by Ken Follet. Hope you enjoy the piece of knowledge.

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