4 Reasons to Read ‘Mirrro at the Weird Wayward’ by Manoj Kumar Sharma

Even fiction books are great and most of the time unreal, however, at times you stumble upon a book that even shake your soul more than any fictional character or aspect. You got to take me seriously, I mean look at this book. It has been something queer since the very first element. Like thousand other readers, I too picked up this book after not able to read the title properly, it was written in a sort of ambulance language. Well, let me tell you its real name – Mirrro at the Weird Wayward – written by Manoj Kumar Sharma. After getting over initial weirdness, once I was comfortably settled, I was awed by the inspiration it instilled in me. Hence feeling like praising it in an article form. Well, I am going to list down a few pointers as why you should also read and enjoy the way I did.

  1. Unique Concept:

The novel is placed against very genuine intention – the lead character Indo suffered due to drugs and rapists, thus he seeks to wipe out all those elemental crimes from the society. The concept is mixed of society and some special powers. The novel has been poignant in leveraging the power of Mirror Tratak, one of the magnificent concepts to become invisible indirectly. For this reason, the novel could be adopted for a major motion film by Amazon and Netflix people.

2. Care for the Indian Society:

The novel, in and out, revolves around the Indian society. By reading it, anyone could pinpoint that Indian society is good but not the best, curses like too much consumption of alcohol, tobacco, and liberty in rape cases due to improper investigation and justice rankles the layers of the society at their own convenience. The main character Indo was a simple and decent guy with high goals, but due to these crimes he was exploited and made cry for decades and his biggest setback was when his love was forced into a state of coma forever. At many stages, Indo was disturbed by the improper layers of the Indian society. He wanted to contribute but rather went for revenge. That’s irony. You should not be surprised to know that the lead character wanted to eliminate all sorts of crimes from India but his special power refuses to obey him. Why? That’s interesting.

3. Strong Characters:

The novel is lengthy, over 300 pages. However, I didn’t feel the punch as I roped in; I finished the book in couple of nights. Imagine 300 pages but only a handful of characters. It was good that the novel hadn’t has a long awful list of characters. Only Indo and his super grandmother India dominated the novel till end. I also liked Indo for his ambitions and readiness to serve the country by joining medicals, thus, he becomes an armed force medical officer. He was resilient. In fact both the characters just sneered the age – it was just a number for them.

4. Language, Narration and Other Factors:

A novel is not only made of just a good story and awesome characters, rather the most critical factors in its success are language and basic techniques like sweeps, back stories, pace, and sub climaxes, etc. The novel was over 300 pages; however, I never felt its length. The pace and involvement of other aspects into the backdrop was so soothing that my overall reading experience came out something that I could remember for decades. It was a perfect novel, even from language and other technical points.

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