Book Review: Six, Five by Binary

Six, Five by Binary is a beautifully written lengthy novel. I took time to complete it but the overall experience that I gathered after reading it was like…yeah ‘what a book it was’. Six, Five is not a straight title; the author has used it otherwise, in the favour of love. It has something to do with the roman letters. To know more of the same, you can go through his interviews on some book review blogs. The common theme in the book, I found, was love — two college guys — the girl Violet and the boy Victor –they fall for each other by the end of the novel. However, the difference between their thoughts and grooming develop an interesting chemistry in the novel, and at one time, it sounded inseparable. The time in the college campus move on, sessions end and start again, but there is something about their bond, though it passes through the test of time.

Having said a lot about the love theme, I would also like to say that the other major theme of the novel is detective genre, probably inspired by Sherlock Holmes (yes it is…given in the blurb). There are total ten detective stories which are solved by our genius boy Victor. He is sarcastic and brilliant: often detectives are like that only. He is superfast than the local police. The way he tackles down some cases, like drug abuse, emotional abuse of Yasmin, father and son story of a drug-seller, and in the end there was something big that was about to cause havoc in the college.

It’s very fresh and unique story…and I don’t know whether the author is a college guy or someone veteran of this field. Whosoever he is, he has good narration style. And believe he can develop a full length detective story anytime that too set in some other culture. Mix of love, detective, and a few contemporary themes, this novel made up my time and probably I may not be able to forget it even when I grow very old and by then must have read many books. Kudos to Victor…kudos to all those who have read it.

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