Book Review: Done With Her…by Chirasree Bose

Done With Her…by Chirasree Bose is a very short novella — consisting around 53 pages. Whenever I come across short books, my joy has no bound, since I think a new book will be added to my memory in very short span of time. However, I finished reading this book in a couple of hours — but the essence I wanted, I didn’t get. May be because it was so much into suspense and crime thriller zone. So, I read it once more and got the story feed in my mind.

I think now I can talk about this book for hours. Basically, the book is centered on a murder of a woman and her lover. The story starts in a city where three guys (known as friends) living in fear, while working in an IT company, as they have done something unforgivable sin back in their village. The girl Spreeha generates their interest and at the same time reminds them of their sins and wrongdoings. Well, if you want to know who the real Spreeha is, or what her intentions are, you need to give a try to this novel.

Throwing some light on the semblance of the story, I can say that a girl is seeking revenge for the sake of lover and her lover. Why? That’s another story within a story. The novella is really fast-paced that at times you do not realize the events passed by, but interesting as well. In fact, every chapter leaves a hint for next…what next? How did the girl, with her resources, manage to seek revenge from those three bad guys and for what specific reasons, is the real thrill in the book.

The element of suspense has been maintained throughout the book. However, I wished the novella to be a bit lengthy, since I felt that characterization missed and the events at times frog jumped. Well, people for short read orientation, will find it worth their time and money. I hope she comes up with something new soon…I mean a novel.

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